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Preparing to Interview

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Preparing to Interview

Preparing to Interview

You want this job. Now you have to prove it.

Having technical skills is a given. Communicating those skills is the key.

You have a beautiful resume. Maybe you paid someone to write it. You know it will impress. But if you can't talk to every word on that resume, you will have a credibility problem with your interviewer that you may not be able to overcome, regardless of how perfect you are for the job.

Know your resume. You will have to be able to articulate what the interviewer has read. Even if you wrote it yourself, review it. Then review it again.

In preparation for an interview:

1. Do your homework: research the company, the key people and in particular, your interviewer.

2. When interviewers introduce themselves, write down names. You won't remember later.

3. Know your resume. I cannot stress this enough.

4. Quirky or "trick" questions are not so much about your answer as they are about how to get there. The interviewer wants to know the process you go through to problem-solve and identify solutions.

5. More important than a degree is your ability to navigate the interview in a way that suggests you will excel in the role and gives a glimpse of how you will get the job done.

6. Know your resume.

7. Be able to communicate clearly why you should be hired.

8. Study the job description so you can answer the questions about your background with the ob clearly in focus.

9. Anticipate and practice answering questions.

10. If you have a portfolio of your work, take it with you (code samples, web design, project plans, network design diagrams, link to your GitHub depository, proposals you have written, etc.)

11. Review the fundamentals of your technologies so you can communicate in appropriate language (jargon).

12. Know your resume.

13. Remember the interviewer is nervous too. Your interviewer has a lot riding on the process. He/she has to find "the right person" for the job.

If you freeze and can't remember something important, be honest. Tell the interviewer you are nervous and try to convey when it was that you last used the skill, even if you can't go into detail. It may come back to you and you can interject it at a later point in the interview.

Never lie. Never make it up as you go along. You can't fake it 'til you make it in a technical interview.

At the end of the interview, ask questions about the company, the team, the projects, and the culture. They will expect this.

Say you are interested and you are the best candidate for the job.

Ask what the next step it. If you are bold, ask when you can start!

After the interview send a quick thank you note to the interviewer recalling some of the key components of the interview and reiterating why you are the best person for the job.

Your ABT Recruiter knows the client and the job and will prep you before the interview.

Here are links to some interview resources where you may find answers to difficult questions:

Prepare. Be confident. You will do fine!

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